More self-sufficiency, more autonomy

The 4 x 4 wheelchair in the countryside

The 4 × 4 wheelchair was originally designed for the campaign, including a T aluminum frame and stainless steel screws that protect the 4 × 4 chair from rust. This motorized wheelchair is suitable for many situations, such as mud, snow, water and pebbles …

The powerful motorization of the 4 × 4 chair

This 4 × 4 wheelchair is a sum of success: 4 motors of 250 Watts for the power, tires low pressure for the adhesion, 200 A of batteries for the autonomy (+/- 35 kms) = a 4X4 unequaled in its category!

To facilitate the descent of slopes, the wheelchair 4 × 4 4POWER4 is equipped with a rocker seat that compensates for the effect of slopes, in order to maintain a horizontal base.

Take his 4poWer4 everywhere

With a width of less than 70 cm (28″) to fit through the doors, the P4 has been designed to be easy to carry in most vehicles.

RECARO rollbar and backrest fold down in the blink of an eye forward, reclining backrest to reduce height, detachable top box, P4-Country and P4-Crossover are no more bulky than another chair to carry.