The P-Advance: a new reference in the comfort of running powered standing wheelchairs!

The P-Advance offers a level of comfort unmatched to date !


P Advance Fauteuil Roulant Multiposition 05

The P-Advance is a versatile vertical lift electric wheelchair with a wide range of configurations.

Whatever the version of P-Advance chosen: “road”, “verticalization” or “multiposition” whether in “traction” or “propulsion”, the P-Advance offers a level of comfort unmatched to date thanks to to a single suspension.

What is new :

The choice to ride in traction or propulsion.

A ride quality previously unmatched, thanks to an innovative suspension.
A wide range of possible positions, all benefiting from the comfort of biometric compensation.

The positioning quality of a rigid seat equipped with the Physipro support is to say who follows the movements of the body avoiding backward sliding in this electric wheelchair verticaliser multipositions.


By connecting the front and rear P-Advance gears with a gas shock, forward / backward pitch motions due to wheelchair acceleration and deceleration, as well as uneven ground, are transformed into imperceptible movements of the bottom seat. upwards, and no longer back and forth, which provides unparalleled ride comfort.

Biometric compensation

This complicated name indicates a mechanical design allowing the backrest and / or the tummy to follow the movements of the back and / or the lengthening of the legs during changes of position as sit-stand for example.
In addition to the added comfort, no more slippage in the backrest pulls clothes or legs away from the pallet rest.
This is particularly important in the case of a multiposition chair that offers a wide range of possible positions.
With the P-Advance, all position changes benefit from the positioning comfort of biometric compensation.

The choice of propulsion or traction

* Simple and intuitive “propulsion” is very popular with long-distance long-distance bikers.
* In indoor use, the “traction” mode of the P-Compact offers a 68.5 cm radius of gyration, which facilitates maneuvering in tight spaces.

Outside, its stabilizing gyroscope ensures the maintenance of course whatever the direction of the road.



Le P-Advance in details

Technical datas

Longueur hors tout repose-pied relevé91 cm
Longueur hors tout repose-pied déplié110 cm
Largeur accoudoirs standards (assise de 45 cm)63 cm
Largeur assise40, 45, 50 cm
Profondeur d'assise38 à 50 cm
Hauteur assise45 à 75 cm
Hauteur dossier400 - 500 ou 600 mm au choix
Diamètre de girationprop. : 885 mm trac. 685 mm
Lift30 cm
Dossier inclinable 38° (de –5° à 43°)Physipro
VerticalisationÀ compensation biométrique du jambier et du dossier
Mono ou bi-palettes à relevage arrièreLongueur de 31 à 45 cm Angle 180°
Roues libres2.80/2.50-4" (230 mm) bandage
Roues motrices3.00x8" (360 mm) air
Motorisation2 moteurs 350 W
Vitesse6 ou 10 km/h selon version
Autonomie> 30 km selon utilisation
Batteries2 batteries de 80 A 12 V
Chargeur8 Ah
Poids du fauteuil Sans batteries Avec batteries155 kg 205 kg
Poids maxi utilisateur130 kg
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