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Stand benefits health, independence and overall well-being.​

We reach a position close to nature, for a better balance and harmony.

Our wheelchairs are part of the generation of the most innovative verticalizers. They are of interest to all persons who, as a result of an accident or illness, are forced into a sitting position. They allow to find the most natural position: the standing position. An indispensable gesture for a better health and a transformed life. No more constraint to verticalize outside, in a specialized institution.

It is at home that it can be done now, several times a day, at its convenience and in complete independence, without the assistance of a third party. After the astonishment of seeing its environment grow, we rediscover the joy of a multitude of activities in “standing” station. Say hello to a friend, chat with someone right in the eye or look away, reach a shelf a little high, work, tinker, cook, … so many things impossible in a sitting position that become natural and accessible.

Health benefits

Clinical evaluations show that verticalization is beneficial to health. The optimization of these benefits is obtained by the repeated alternation of relatively brief periods of the “sit-stand-sit” position.

More self-sufficiency, more autonomy

The 4 x 4 wheelchair in the countryside

The 4 × 4 wheelchair was originally designed for the campaign, including a T aluminum frame and stainless steel screws that protect the 4 × 4 chair from rust. This motorized wheelchair is suitable for many situations, such as mud, snow, water and pebbles …

The powerful motorization of the 4 × 4 chair

This 4 × 4 wheelchair is a sum of success: 4 motors of 250 Watts for the power, tires low pressure for the adhesion, 200 A of batteries for the autonomy (+/- 35 kms) = a 4X4 unequaled in its category!

To facilitate the descent of slopes, the wheelchair 4 × 4 4POWER4 is equipped with a rocker seat that compensates for the effect of slopes, in order to maintain a horizontal base.

The wheelchair 4 × 4 in town

4 × 4 wheelchairs have the ability to overcome obstacles of 15 cm!
This allows these wheelchairs to board any sidewalk!

Despite the efforts of municipalities, moving to the city is not always easy because of the lack of sidewalks-batThe wheelchair 4 × 4 in town
4 × 4 wheelchairs have the ability to overcome obstacles of 15 cm!
This allows these wheelchairs to board any sidewalk!

Despite the efforts of the municipalities, moving to the city is not always easy due to the lack of sidewalks.
There are still many obstacles that hinder a traditional chair. Going for a race can quickly be difficult!
The 4-wheel drive wheelchairs 4poWer4 provide a definitive solution to these crossing problems.

4 × 4 chairs that face all the obstacles!

Its crossing capabilities, combined with its excellent turning circle, make 4poWer4 wheelchairs surprisingly agile and practical in the city.

Going down or up a step no longer worries, driving on uneven ground like cobblestones, either!
With a crossing capacity of 15 cm, passing a sidewalk becomes a breeze!

4 × 4 wheelchair at the beach

The 4poWer4 wheelchair 4 × 4 makes for walks to the beach
The wheelchair 4 × 4 4poWer4 is ideal for walks to the sea, with:

An anti-corrosion chassis (aluminum + stainless steel) makes it possible to face salt.
Low pressure tires play hard sand and gravel
Permanent four-wheel drive provides the best grip conditions.

4 × 4 wheelchair at the Mountain

In the mountains, the 4poWer4 is as comfortable in the summer in paths and pebbles, as winter in the snow.

Take his 4Power4 everywhere

With a width of less than 70 cm (28″) to fit through the doors, the P4 has been designed to be easy to carry in most vehicles.

RECARO rollbar and backrest fold down in the blink of an eye forward, reclining backrest to reduce height, detachable top box, P4-Country and P4-Crossover are no more bulky than another chair to carry.