All wheel drive

Choice of 4 x 4 wheelchair,
which one to choose?

Wheelchairs 4 × 4 for all roads, studied to go inside. Outdoor chairs, the 4 × 4 have been designed to go through the doors to facilitate all travel. Their turning radius allows a circulation inside, even if their first vocation remains the large spaces.

Help with choosing the 4 × 4 chair: P4-Crossover, P4-Country or P4 Adventure: which one to choose?

These two 4 × 4 chairs have in common to have a moters wheel. With 4-wheel drive 250 watts each, they have a power of 1,000 watts. But this power is
used differently because they are designed for different uses. P4-Crossover


Simple and effective, the P4-Crossover has 2 batteries of 110 A which gives it a range of 25 to 30 km on flat ground.
Its rear wheels are fixed, and its free front wheels give it a good maneuverability.

Its progressive steering locking system facilitates the crossing of the most difficult passages, or stabilizes the direction, time to climb a ramp, for example.
It is therefore ideal for everyday use nearby.


For its part the P4-Country has batteries of 200 Amp which allows a range of 40 to 50 km. In option it can even receive 160 Amp of lithium batteries.

The management of the steering by a servomotor articulating together and at the same time rear wheels and front wheels offers an easier and more comfortable driving on difficult or uneven surfaces. As on a car the realignment of the wheels is automatic.