Standing wheelchair,
which one to choose?

the verticalization

Our products PowerStand

P-Compact FWD

FWD power standing wheelchair with backrest and legrest biocompensation and standing retroverticalization.

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Padvance Powerstand


The P-Advance, the Powerstand multiposition standing wheelchair with biometric compensation in backrest and legrest.

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The best is to ask your doctor for advice.
But to answer briefly, verticalizing is important:

  • For health: this has a positive impact on the muscular, cardiovascular, …
  • To resume some common activities: cooking, tinkering, ….
  • To improve his social life

With a simple stand-up, the person performs his exercises once or twice a day for a set time.
A standing chair, such as P-Access or P-Advance by Powerstand allows to get up, as it pleases, several times a day.

An absolute rule: NEVER have sat in the chair in the transport (even with a seat belt). For the rest, simply fold down the backrest (if necessary the roll bar) and securely tie the taxi-bindings of the chair to the anchor points of the car.

No lithium battery is allowed on the plane. On the other hand, AGM and GEL batteries of the IATA type are.