The powerful electric wheelchair 4 × 4 and uncompromising.

Fauteuil 4x4 Crossover

Simple and effective, the P4-Crossover has 2 batteries of 110 A which gives it a range of 25 to 30 km. Its rear wheels are fixed, and its free front wheels give it a good maneuverability.

Its progressive steering locking system facilitates the crossing of the most difficult passages, or stabilizes the direction, time to climb a ramp, for example.

The wheelchair 4 × 4 is made from components resistant to oxidation and rust: galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum…

Thus equipped, he fears neither mud nor pebbles!

This powerful 4 × 4 wheelchair is equipped with :

The P4-CrossOver in details

P4co Rayondegiration


2 motors of 350 watts each powered by 60 amp lithium battery provide more than 30 km range

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Technical Datas

Range20 to 25 km
Maximum speed10 Km/h
Maximum tilt upwards20 %
Maximum tilt downwards30 %
Maximum tilt sideways (crossways)15 %
Maximum obstacle clearance> 12 cm
Turning radius1,54 cm
Power250 Watts/24 V.
Free maintenance AGM batteries110 Ah 12 Volts
Charger24 Volts – 15 Amp
Total weight of the chair without/with batteries137 Kg – 201 Kg
Maximum user weight120 Kg
Maximal luggage-holder loading weight20 Kg
Footplate anglefrom 90° to 180°
Total length – (footplate up)113 cm
Width69 cm
Total height (including safety roll bar)135 cm
Total height for transport : safety roll bar and backrest folded101 cm

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