P6-Compact MWD

6 wheels power wheelchair with biocompensation & retroverticalization and articulated front beam.

P6-Compact MWD: the combination of retro-verticalization, biocompensation and an articulated front beam.

In the same way that we occupy less space in a standing position than in a seated position, retro-verticalization reduces the dimension of the P6-Compact in a standing position compared to a seated position while re-centering the weight of the patient towards the inside the chair, improving its stability. Thus, by retro-verticalizing the P6-Compact allows access to an elevator, a toilet, a kitchen, etc… where other armchairs cannot enter.

By halving the irregularities of the ground, the addition of a spreader bar at the front adds driving comfort outdoors. It also helps to overcome small obstacles such as curbs.

P6-Compact assis 3-4 face
P6-Compact relax 3-4 face


Like all PowerStand wheelchairs, the P6-Compact in traction uses an articulated spreader bar which smooths out the irregularities of the ground and provides unequaled rolling comfort.
Its latest generation Dynamic LinX A400 electronics allows many additions, immediately or later :
  • remote control or integrated in the tablet,
  • attendant control unit,
  • occipital remote,
  • chin control,
  • IR remote…
Its two powerful 350 watt AMT SCHMID German quality motors ensure its traction. Its 70 A lithium battery provides a range of more than 40 km as well as a number of charge cycles three greater than traditional gel batteries for a weight reduced by half. Its high beam and turn signals allow safe night travel Inside, its reduced width allows it to pass easily through doorways. It has an electric legrest as standard, but its huge strong point is undoubtedly the permanent and simultaneous biometric adjustment of the backrest and the leg. Thus, no more shearing in the lower back and upper shoulders that move the clothes when changing position.

P6-Compact middle wheel

Easy to handle armchair thanks to a 66 cm radius of gyration. It actually spins in place.

Really ideal indoors: bathroom, elevator, office, kitchen, its central wheels give it unparalleled agility.


Pectoral armrest

with two fixed positions, vertical – horizontal
they allow easy use, thanks to the change of position with a simple rotational movement.

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Knee pad

Adjustable in the three axes (height, width and spacing)
They provide unequaled comfort and safety when standing up.

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Rocking lever

Essential element of the articulated frame,
the roking lever at the rear reduces uneven ground when driving
thus making driving exceptionally comfortable.
It greatly facilitates the crossing of obstacles such as curbs.
It locks automatically when standing.

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Guard clothe

Easily detachable for transfers,
they help maintain the legs and
protect long clothing from driving dirt.

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Suspended rear wheel

individually for better stability,
especially when crossing obstacles.

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Central & suspendes propulsion

offering the best turning radius
and an incomparable rolling behavior

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Remot control

Dynamic Control REM400, tactile and intuitive,
it allows you to control the chair and control all the functions of the seat
such as verticalization or tilting of the backrest,
also accessories such as high beam, horn.
Finally, it allows you to connect to another device via Bluetooth.

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Mono-pallet, liftable to facilitate transfers,
it is fitted with a central safety wheel preventing any risk of tipping forward.

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bio-compensated offering better comfort
for verticalization.

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Battery indicator & USB

This display shows the battery voltage
Allowing direct control of the charge level
(below 22V, the battery must be recharged)
Equipped with USB3 & USB-C socket for charging a smartphone

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Electrical backrest

Allows stepless adjustment of the backrest angle from 40 to 85°.

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Données techniques

lg foot upTotal length footplate up95 cm
lgTotal length footplate down113 cm
widht wheelWidth64 cm
width amrestWidth with narrow armrest63 cm
seat heightSeat height50 cm at front, sloping 3° to the back
backrest heightBackrest heightStandard 500 mm.
Optionnal 400 or 600 mm
radiusturning radius66 cm
 suspended & hinged frameacier peinture époxy RAL
 Largeur d’assiseSteel with epoxy coating
tilt backrestEmectric backrest-5° to 40°
legrest Electrical tilt legrest
with adjustable footplate
90° to 180°
Height adjustment 60 mm
front wheel Middle wheel drive 360×80 mm
rear wheel Rear & front wheels 200×50 mm free maintenance tyres
motor Power (electric propulsion) 2 motors 350 watts
speed Vitesse 6 ou 10 km/h according version
autonomy Range with 70Ah 24V battery Lithium > 35 km
charger Charger charger 8 Amp 24 Volts
wheelchair weight Weight of wheelchair
– without batteries
– with batteries
110 kg
user weight Maximum user weight 120 kg


During a traditional verticalization, the verticalization device gradually lifts the patient to stand on the pallet rest located at the front of the chair. It follows a lengthening of the chair and a transfer of weight making the overall cumbersome and driving less easy.
The “retro-verticalization” is instead to refocus the patient inside the frame of the chair during verticalization. Thus the pallet rest retracting in the chair during retroverticalisation, the length of the chair decreases in standing position relative to the sitting position.
This is particularly useful in confined spaces such as elevators. This better distribution of the weights gives a better stability allows a ride in standing with confidence.
The “retro-verticalization” is ideal for indoor use.

Les bienfaits de la verticalisation pour la santé

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Stand benefits health, independence and overall well-being.​

We reach a position close to nature, for a better balance and harmony.

Our wheelchairs are part of the generation of the most innovative verticalizers. They are of interest to all persons who, as a result of an accident or illness, are forced into a sitting position. They allow to find the most natural position: the standing position. An indispensable gesture for a better health and a transformed life. No more constraint to verticalize outside, in a specialized institution.

It is at home that it can be done now, several times a day, at its convenience and in complete independence, without the assistance of a third party. After the astonishment of seeing its environment grow, we rediscover the joy of a multitude of activities in “standing” station. Say hello to a friend, chat with someone right in the eye or look away, reach a shelf a little high, work, tinker, cook, … so many things impossible in a sitting position that become natural and accessible.

Health benefits

Clinical evaluations show that verticalization is beneficial to health. The optimization of these benefits is obtained by the repeated alternation of relatively brief periods of the “sit-stand-sit” position.


P6-Compact MWD