1. General clause : our sales are subject to the present general conditions which prevail against any condition of purchase except where formai and explicit waiver is granted by us.

  2. Confidentiality : studies, plans, designs and documents handed over or sent by us remain our property and therefore may not be disclosed to third parties for whatever motive by the buyer.

  3. Formal contract : in the case of an order received from the buyer, this order will not be considered as formally accepted by us until our written acceptance is given. This acceptance will constitute, in this case, the specific conditions.

  4. Delivery – Shipment : unless stipulated otherwise, delivery is considered as effective in our factories or warehouses. If this delivery is delayed for reasons beyond our control, it will be considered as effective at the agreed date. Whatever the manner of shipment, our merchandise always travels at the consignee’s risk. Whatever the manner of shipment, the consignee is solely qualified to make reservations in case of damage or loss. They must make written mention of this on the waybill and confirm by registered letter ¬∑within three days of reception. Any return of merchandise to us which effected without our agreement, will be refused.

  5. Ownership reservation : the seller conserves ownership of sold merchandise until effective payment of the full price in principal and contingent charges. Failure to comply with any date of payment may entai! repossession. These provisions do not preclude transfer to the buyer, on delivery, of risk of loss or damage to sold merchandise as well as damage that 1s merchandise might cause.

  6. Price – Conditions of payment – Penalties : prices are firm and given excluding Value Added Tax or state purchase tax. Agreed dates of payment are stipulated in the specific conditions. Charge for delayed payment is calculated at once and a hait times the legal rate for the duration of this delay.

  7. Guarantee : the conditions of guarantee are defined in the warranty enclosed with each device. implementation of this guarantee is conditional on return of warranty once the sale is completed.

  8. Automatic resolutive clause : in case of non-compliance with their obligations by either party, the present contract will be automatically rescinded without further notice to the other party and without prejudice to the damages which may be claimed from the non-compliant party.

  9. Settlement of claims : any daim relating to the present sale, even in case of daims on warranty or plurality of defendants, would be, in the absence of out-of-court settlement between parties, of the sole competence of the Commercial Court of the invoicing place.