The P4 Adventure is the favorite of long distance hikers for a electric wheelchair 4×4.

The P4-Country has a 200 A battery which allows a range of 40 to 50 km. Its four-wheel drive, driven by a servomotor, are also guidelines. Thus, the P4-Country retains a very good stability regardless of the terrain and a particularly short radius of gyration.

Performance and Style without compromise.

The wheelchair 4 × 4 is made from components resistant to oxidation and rust: galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum …

Thus equipped, he fears neither mud nor pebbles!

The powerful motorisation of the 4 × 4 Country Chair This 4 × 4 wheelchair is equipped with:

This 4 × 4 wheelchair is equipped with:

The management of the steering by a servomotor articulating together and at the same time rear wheels and front wheels offers an easier and more comfortable driving on difficult or uneven surfaces. As on a car the realignment of the wheels is automatic.

The P4-Country in details

Passive Safety System

Folding roll bar is standard (front or rear) for easy access when loading into a vehicle

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comfortably fitted the Recaro seat

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Recaro Seat

with electric seat tilt to compensate for slope

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Metallic finish

standard, other colors possible

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Studded tread

Low-pressure tyres 145/70 – 6, inner tube for optimal roadholding

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Choice of 5 drive modes. Electronic Dx2 enables you to add functions (attendant control, chin controls, TASH contactors, mini-cup contactor, …) iPhone compatibility

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Wide, ergonomic

are detachable, space- depth- and height-adjustable

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Charging plug

easily accessible

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Innovative suspension

system absorbs vibrations and bumps for improved driving comfort and protection of the spine protection

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front and rear (LED)

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angle adjustable (gas struts)
from 90° to 180°. Independently adjustable right/left, designed for outdoor use

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Steering lock

Outstanding agility: rotates
within 1,09 m radius (43 inches) !

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Technical Datas

Range 40 to 50 km 25 to 30 miles
Maximum speed 10 km/h
Maximum tilt upwards 20 %
Maximum tilt downwards 30 %
Maximum tilt sideways (crossways) 15 %
Maximum obstacle clearance > 10 cm
Turning radius 0,90 m
Power 4 motors of 250 watts each
Lithium battery 120 Ah – 24 Volts
Total weight of the chair with batteries 175 kg
Maximum user weight 120 kg
Footplate anglede 90° to 180°
Total length (footplate up) 145cm
Width 69 cm
Total height (including safety roll bar) 156 cm
Total height for transport : safety roll bar and backrest folded 96 cm

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